Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snow Fences

 As we all know, last season's weather was not absolutely fantastic for skiing and riding at The Basin.  The low snowfall and high winds really showed us some weaknesses in our snow fencing/farming/management plan.  As a result, we are adding 700 linear feet of new permanent snowfences.  600' will be installed in Montezuma Bow and 100' will be installed at the top of Lenawee Face.  When blowing snow runs into a snowfence, snow is deposited on the leeward side of that fence. We are able to manage those drifts with snowcats and spread and keep snow in places skiers and riders want to have fun.  These fences should really improve the snow cover and retention on Larkspur, Columbine, Lenawee Face, and Humbug.  Kudos to the Trail Crew for their hard work.