Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Detachable Chairlift at The Basin

This summer A-Basin Ski Area will begin construction on a new detachable quad chairlift. The new lift will replace the Exhibition fixed grip triple chair located in the base area, which was installed in 1978. The new lift will have a capacity of 2000 people per hour, a length of 2877 feet and have a vertical rise of 719 feet. The ride time will be just under three minutes, half the time of the current lift ride from base area to mid-mountain.

Construction is scheduled for mid-June and will not impact the current season’s closing date (tentatively scheduled for June 6, 2010). The top terminal of the new lift will be slightly realigned uphill and to the west away from Black Mountain Lodge. The lower terminal will remain in the same location.

A contract has been signed with Leitner-Poma to build and install the lift which will cost approximately four million dollars. The new detachable lift will enable beginner and intermediate guests to load and unload more easily, resulting in fewer stops and starts on the ride to mid-mountain. In addition, with the new quad chairlift, Black Mountain Lodge will be more accessible for weddings and special events throughout the year.

With its increased capacity, shorter ride time, and ease of loading, the new detachable chairlift will be a tremendous benefit for our guests. The new lift will provide rapid, easy access to the upper mountain, Montezuma Bowl, and Black Mountain Lodge. Each year we receive hundreds of comments suggesting we make this change. Finally, after working on this project for the last five years, we are very excited to christen a new chairlift for the 2010-2011 season.”

Arapahoe Basin is taking suggestions for the name of the new lift. A 2010-2011 Arapahoe Basin Season Pass or $300 gift certificate to Arapahoe Sports will be given to the person whose suggestion is selected. If multiple people provide the winning selection, the award will be given to the first suggestion received.
Send suggestions to alanh@a-basin.net.
I have attached a picutre of a similar lift at Marmot Basin in Canada.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crepe Station at Black Mountain Lodge

You might have noticed I have a bit of an obsession with good food. Definitely true. Anyway, Chef Rybak is back at it. Starting today we will be cooking crepes at Black Mountain Lodge on weekends and holidays. We will be serving Savory crepes for lunch including salmon, chicken, mushrooms, veggies, pastrami and more. Of course there will incredible dessert crepes with various combinations of Nutella, fresh fruit fruit, chocolate, whipped cream and caramel. Come and enjoy. It will probably be an easy place to find me mid-day on Saturdays.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. I would like to wish all of you a wonderful season. This time of year is so special. Today I was enjoying the view at Snow Plume Refuge when I bumped into some friends I have known for 20 years. We had a great chat talking about old times and new times. It reminded me how special the people of Arapahoe Basin are.

The Treeline Terrain Park will open Christmas Day will some very cool features including the "Log Tap." Thanks for coming and Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kid's Club Arapahoe

Kids Club Arapahoe is now taking registrations for the 09-10 season. This 4 or 8 Saturday program is a great way for your child(ren) to learn to ski and ride. Even more importantly, you can let someone else teach your kids to ride while you are out tearing up the mountain. I was lucky enough to have my kids start the program at an early age. They learned more than I could have ever taught them. When we were on the hill, I wasn't teaching my kids, I was going skiing with my kids. Very, Very fun........and they loved it.

I have attached a couple pictures from the Kid's Club Arapahoe Ski Patrol day. The kids spend time with our patrollers learning about safety, avalanches, and general mountain awareness. The highlight of the experience is getting to know our avalanche dogs.

The first 4 week session starts Saturday, January 9. Please go to http://www.arapahoebasin.com/ and check out the Lessons section for more information and to download the registration materials.

Beautiful Early Winter Day

I went out for a great ski this afternoon. It seems like the Arctic freeze is over. While skiing, the sun was out and it was a very pleasant 25 degrees. You know that great snow surface when the wind blows around an inch or two of new snow and it feels like you are sliding on velvet. Well, that was today. The locals have a name for those conditions, but I am not allowed to use it in my blog. It was awesome. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a day like this at Arapahoe. The sky was a dark blue, the East Wall was rugged, and the snow was like butter. See you soon.