Monday, October 6, 2008

You Know What Happens in October

Winter has finally arrived at the Basin. Although we have had some snow patches up high since mid-September, last night was our first cold snowmaking weather. In addition to getting a couple of inches naturally, the snowmakers fired up the system and kicked off the snowmaking season. Attached is a photo I took this morning. Daily I am asked, "When are you opening?" Well the answer is "Just as soon as we can." We will be making snow every chance we get now. Keep your fingers crossed for cold, snowy weather. And of course, the RACE with Loveland is ON.

Recently, I have become a webcam fanatic. We just added a new one at Snow Plume Refuge. The view of the Upper Mountain and the East Wall is tremendous. Be sure to get on line and check it out. Lots of white stuff up there.

The tunnel and parking projects are going well. The parking addition should be substantially complete by the time we open. We expect the pedestrian tunnel to open about mid-November. Parking will be different this season. Be sure to check out the map my "Summer at A-Basin" blog. All of the Upper Parking Lots will be connected now. The old entrance to the High Noon Lot becomes exit only. All of the Upper Parking will be accessed at the old entrance to Last Chance Lot. I know changes are sometimes hard for you "seasoned" A-Basin veterans, but these changes will be good. There are a lot more parking spots, the flow will be smoother, and you won't have to walk on the highway anymore.

Well, the snowmakers will be here in a couple hours. Tonight should be cold. Keep your fingers crossed for cold and snowy weather. You know what happens in October. Here we go.