Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ramrod - Next Moves

Snowmaking last night had a split focus.  About half of the equipment was on High Noon, putting the finishing touches on that trail.  The other half of the equipment has been moved to Ramrod.  Starting tonight, all of the snowmaking energy will be focused on Ramrod and the base area. Our next major goal is to have two trails accessible from Black Mountain Express.  Once Ramrod is open, we will move our focus to Dercum's Gulch and Lenawee Face opening the Lenawee Mountain Chairlift.

Thanks to everyone that joined us yesterday.  That was a very nice start to the season.


Christian Stack said...

I thought i'd check in on the blog, hoping to hear exactly this news! love it! go snowmaking team!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the updates. Coming from Australia in a few weeks for a wedding but looks like I may be able to go for a slide aswell. Wasn't sure if possible so early in season, so thanks for pumping those guns.

Jb said...

Only CEO I have ever met that interacts with his customers. Keep it up Al.

Ryan K said...

I will gladly 2nd that! Thanks Al, customers really like to feel a link to the ownership like that.
Also, i was able to spend the entire day on high noon yesterday and it felt so good to be back on the snow.