Sunday, October 14, 2012

Warm Night

If you consider 28 F a warm night, then we had a warm night.  The temps were just a few degrees higher than forecast and humidity was near 100% all night.  Those are not good snowmaking conditions.  Actually, we never fired the system up last night.  So goes life at a ski area.  Sometimes the weather is with you, sometimes it is not.  The great news is all the natural snow on the ground.  That will help a ton in the long run.  We all know Colorado can use the precipitation and we just like seeing things white. 

So, stay tuned. We will make every effort every day to get this place open. Let's hope tonight gets cold.

The mountain is white.


Anonymous said...

Any day now. Just waiting on the word.

Anonymous said...

when do you think the word will be announced in regards to opening tomorrow? love the updates!