Friday, October 19, 2012

Skiing Ramrod

The snowmaking on Ramrod last night and this morning was awesome.  Cold with light winds.  About 11 PM last night I stopped at the hairpin above the ski area to check out the view.  Very cool watching all the snowguns working away.  We have 18 fan guns.  2 of those guns are permanently mounted on towers on High Noon.  The other 16 are portable.  We do not have any air/water guns or air compressors.  Opening High Noon we are able to use all 18 guns.  As the season progresses and water is less available, we use less guns.  Last night we were focused on Ramrod only and had 11 guns working.  As we move to the Upper Mountain, we will use 10-16 guns per evening depending on water availability, temps, priorities, wind, etc.

Oh yeah, that is Ben Moton, Lift Operations Manager.

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hows it coming?!?!?!