Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Update

OK, here is the 9 AM Saturday morning update.  Snowmaker Brendan tells me there is 3-4" of new snow at mid-mountain.  Natural snowfall has picked up a bit since my last post.  The forecast for temps is not perfect, but seems good enough.  We have plenty of water available for snowmaking in our reservoir.  We just need the conditions to convert that water to snow.

WE WILL NOT OPEN SUNDAY.  We have reached that day to day point of decision making.  We are very close to opening.  Sunday morning Tim, Mark, and I will meet first thing, look at High Noon, evaluate the forecast, evaluate the previous night's snowmaking, and make a decision about Monday.  We will do that each day until we open.

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Calob Rundell said...

This is exciting news!!
Thanks for being so candid in how the opening day decision process is going. We all really appreciate it.