Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ramrod - Saturday

There is a blizzard happening on Ramrod.  The snowmaking there is outstanding today. We are going to make snow there one more night to capitalize on these cold temps.  Friday and Friday night we will take the equipment off Ramrod. Friday night both Gerry and Scott are working and they will do major dozing job pushing the Ramrod piles. 

Ramrod will open for the public Saturday with some beautiful corduroy.

The crew has starting mobilizing snowmaking equipment on Lenawee Face and Dercum's Gulch.  Those trails along with Lenawee Mountain Lift are the next step.

And it is snowing right now.


Anonymous said...

Great progress! My kids are still waiting for a green run before they start their season.

Phil said...

Woot! Thanks for all your work, snowmaking crew. Excited for things to get going on the upper mountain next!

Dan said...

Saturday was a busy day but your staff did a great job keeping things running smoothly.

BTW I noticed the new handheld readers the liftees use are equipped with RFID reading antennas, you guys gunna start putting those to use sometime soon? huh huh? ::wink::