Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Next Moves on the Hill

A few of you have strongly encouraged me to get off my butt and update the blog. Sorry, I was out of the area 3 of the last 4 days. I'll try and catch up here.

Snowmaking - For the last week we have focused on buffing out Lenawee Face and Dercum's Gulch with an emphasis on getting Lenawee Mountain Lift open. That lift will open Saturday. Next week we will be working on finishing up Sundance and getting Molly Hogan open. That might not be too exciting for some of you, but it gives the beginners a chance to have some more fun and gets the Snowsports School really going. Starting sometime around Thanksgiving we will start making snow for the Treeline Terrain Park and finishing up a few other loose ends.

Mother Nature - With the opening of Molly Hogan, we will have made snow on most of the acres that will be covered. We will still be "fattening" up a few more of those acres. It is time for Mother Nature to keep sending the white stuff. From here on, terrain openings will be dependant on what she is willing to share. Keep in mind, it is still only November 10. In our pre-snowmaking days, we generally opened between about November 20 and December 20. Compared to those days, we are living the good life right now.

What is next? Lenawee Parks and Cornice Run/West Wall. I would say those areas are pretty close. When our base gets to about the 20-24" range, those trails open. Cornice Run is ready right now. The ski patrol has really beat up Lenawee Parks the West Wall. We had 4" new this morning with 1-4" more expected tonight. I plan on skiing both of those areas tomorrow morning and should have a better feel about how close they are. Additionally, Humbug, Powerline, and Norway aren't too far from opening. I'll be sure and bring my camera and keep you updated.