Monday, February 27, 2012


Had the day off today, but still went out and took a few runs with Rob. The wind has buffed out much of the place. Moguls are mostly absent now on Pali Main Street The Spine, Pali Face, Slalom Slope, Lenawee Parks, and Humbug. Smooth, buttery sailing today. As is often the case with wind, she giveth and she taketh away. A few places got beat up like Turbo and North Glade. Zuma is open. Most of the grooming is skiing pretty well. There are a couple of tough spots. We were very close to some directed skiing in Black Bear and Long Chute, but the wind changed those plans. We did have several big slides in Zuma that covered some rough rocks. All and all we are still gaining. The forecast for the week is impressive, improving as the week progresses.