Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Did Well

This storm was very good to us. Ramrod and High Noon are skiing exceptionally well today.  Early risers experienced some perfect, soft corduroy. We reported 6" of new snow with a favorable NW wind.  We might get another 2-3" tonight.  This morning I did another snowmobile tour on the Upper Mountain.  What an amazing difference in 24 hours.  The snowmakers had a very good shift last night.  There are lots of big piles up there.  This coming week looks very favorable.  We should have some sunny days and cold nights and maybe a little snow by week's end. 

The big question is when are we going to the top. We are doing a lot of math looking at temperatures, reservoir recharge rates, and weather forecasts.  As I already said, this weather event was good to us.  We are targeting late week to open to the top, initially with Lenawee Face, Dercum's Gulch, and Lenawee Mountain Lift.  Stay tuned through the week for updates.