Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Just Had To Ski It

We ended up getting 11 inches out of this storm. Let's call it a foot. While the daily totals were reported over the last three mornings, most of the snow actually fell in the 36 hours between 1 AM Tuesday and mid-day Wednesday. This storm was very, very kind to the East Wall. The Ski Patrol kept up with the storm running hand routes, ski cutting, and firing the avalauncher. This morning they opened the Wall and the Willy's and North Pole staircases. I just took a spin out on the traverse. After getting below Snorkelnose, I stopped, took a good look and I just had to ski it. Absolutely, A+ fantastic. Thanks to the Patrol for making it happen today.

East Wall Tip - Skiing out the traverse, a skier will cross small ridges and micro-gullies. The deepest snow is found in the gullies.