Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bike Race - Camping and Music Info

We posted more info on the website about camping and music. The camping details and the reservation process can be easily found online at our website. The camping registration will be for both nights, Monday and Tuesday. There is a wide variety of choices from "The Beach Sites" to tent camping in Last Chance with plenty of choices in between. 

I am very psyched for the music. Monday night Brother's Keeper Featuring John Popper (yes, John Popper from Blues Traveler) and The Samples will be putting on quite a show. Tuesday night The Freddy Jones Band and another act TBD will be the Grand Finale for this rocking two-day Arapahoe Basin Festival.

Over coffee yesterday, before work, I watched an hour of the Tour de France. The riders cruised through enthusiastic crowds as they traversed Belgium. For me, I couldn't stop thinking about how dramatic and charged the crowd will be at The Basin finish. This is going to be good.