Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lodging At A-Basin

Don't fret, there are no plans to build any lodging at A-Basin.

There is, however, a rich history of lodging at A-Basin. I think in the 40's and 50's some type of lodging existed here, but my details are fuzzy. In the early 60's a very cool looking lodge was built on the site of the A-Frame. Sadly, it burned down December 4, 1965. The current A-Frame was built on the foundation of that building and, initially, there were rooms for rent in there. In the A-Frame down by the Men's Room and on the 2nd Floor by the spiral staircase, there are photos and newspaper articles about this lodge and the fire. There was also the Denver University Faculty Club Lodge down below the bottom of Pali right next to our Maintenance Shop. In Black Mountain Lodge there is a very nice drawing of a proposed lodge (and ice skating rink) at mid-mountain. That drawing was done in 1946 by Max Dercum's Father.

I personally never experienced these lodges (although I lived in a caretaker apartment here for four years). I have, however, spoken with many, many people that either worked or stayed in the various lodging properties. I think these early ski pioneers had plenty of good times spending the night here. A lot of colorful times have gone down in The Basin's 69 years. Sounds like fun to me.

Arapahoe Basin Lodge, early 1960's