Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Marnie's in the 6th Alley

When we remodeled The 6th Alley Bar and Grill a couple years back, the area on the 2nd Floor above the bar was also included in the remodel. The upstairs portion of the bar is called "Marnie's in the 6th Alley." The new bar was named for Marnie Jump who was the First Lady of Arapahoe Basin. Downstairs, there is a display on Marnie and her husband Larry.

We added a counter and rail to view bands and increased the loft size. We added a groovy little nook with old triple chairs and a cool feel. We also added a whole bunch of tables and chairs. Finally, this year we added a small bar with six beer taps, Bloody Marys and most other drinks that would interest you. It will be open on busier days, mostly weekends and holidays. It also connects nicely to the outdoor deck we call The Perch. As temperatures warm up a little bit, The Perch will be a fantastic place to hang out.

You might even recognize the bartender.