Wednesday, January 6, 2016

KBYG - Know Before You Go

Tonight our Snow Safety Director, Ryan Evanczyk, hosted the one hour avalanche awareness presentation, "Know Before You Go," for our employees. This program was started by the Utah Avalanche Center and has recently received additional support from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Friends of CAIC, Avalanche Canada, BCA and a number of other prominent avalanche related organizations. It is a fantastic presentation with an entertaining and informative video and more great stuff focused on having fun in the mountains and avoiding avalanches. I highly recommend attending a session. We anticipate hosting a couple of presentations for the public this winter. We will post dates once details are confirmed.

For more information go to or the CAIC website at

Also, for your calendar, remember The Beacon Bowl is February 6. This is an avalanche awareness day with clinics on beacon use, a good natured (but very competitive) beacon contest, a fundraiser for CAIC and, most importantly, a great party with food, beer and friends.