Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lenawee Bullwheel Bearings

During the winter our Lift Maintenance team keeps quite busy doing two daily lift checks, weekly lift checks and monthly lift checks. They are continually monitoring the machines as they operate, making adjustments and repairing or replacing parts as needed.

In the summer, the crew gets really, really busy. There are big annual checks to do and at times, there are very big maintenance projects to complete. Right now the group is in the midst of replacing the bullwheel bearings at the top terminal of Lenawee Lift. It is a significant process. They fully de-tension the top terminal of the lift. Once completed, they remove the bullwheel. While it is stacked on cribbing, they replace the bearings. All this is followed by putting the bullwheel back on the lift and re-tensioning the lift. No small task.