Sunday, November 25, 2018

Beavers Opens Monday

This weekend's 22 inches of snow has been a real treat. The Beavers terrain and chairlift will open Monday mid-morning. We will start with Loafer. As the day progresses, we will likely get some of the Dog Woods open. Sometime later tomorrow you should see Davis (and maybe a few more gladed trails) get open.

We definitely got buried by this storm. It has been a great deal of work getting all the puzzle pieces together. Lots and lots of shoveling. Be sure and thank your favorite lift op, lift mechanic, cat driver and ski patroller next time you see them. They have had some long, long days getting the Beavers ready.

On top of this great news, we had a limited opening on Pali Face and The Spine today. That should happen again tomorrow around the middle of the day.

I am just beside myself with all this fun.