Sunday, March 3, 2019

Highways Are A Mess, But......................

OK, the highways right now are a mess. This is a very substantial storm. We have now had nearly 3 feet of snow over the last 4 days. It is very difficult getting anywhere right now and even more difficult getting home.
Those that did make it to The Basin today were rewarded. It snowed hard all day. No doubt, these were the best skiing and riding conditions of the season. Everywhere I skied was phenomenal, Steep Gullies, Pali, West Zuma, Beavers. It was awesome. At 3 PM I skied The Spine and it was loose, fluffy and really deep. Tomorrow looks to be even more of the same.
These conditions are absolutely perfect, but PLEASE be careful getting here. Take your time. Be patient. Drive slowly. Check the road reports. Be careful.