Friday, January 3, 2020

Snowmaking Done For Season

Our snowmaking department has shut down their operations for the season. From pulling off a fantastic October 11 opening (In 2018 we were closed for skiing for 99 days) to steady and consistent work in November and December, the crew has had an excellent year. Their quality work sets the physical and metaphorical foundation of our snowpack and our trail system for the entire season. Looking at the snowmaking season quantitatively, this one was about average almost hitting our mean and median for acre feet of water converted to snow.

With our permitting, we are only allowed to divert from the North Fork of the Snake River to our reservoir through December 31. We can continue to make snow with whatever is left in the reservoir. New Year's Day the reservoir was virtually empty. The team shut the system down and won't be making snow again until October (maybe September).