Saturday, April 25, 2020

Candid Talk On Opening

I want to have a candid discussion on the possibility of us re-opening. I am concerned a few of you may be getting the wrong message. A re-opening will not be happening soon. As a community we have more work to do battling COVID-19. Hospitalization and fatality rates need to continue to fall. We still need to follow all the social distancing recommendations. Culturally, to open we have to be comfortable travelling and driving again.

That said, you know when conditions are right, we will try and re-open. That time is at least a few weeks away. We are working on plans of HOW to open. There is still no plan for WHEN to open. There are no plans to open uphill access at this time.

Don't be discouraged. This is a marathon and A-Basin is a marathon runner. What other area stays open from mid-October to July 4th? We all need to do the right things now if we want to get open again.