Friday, May 22, 2020

If We Can Re-Open.............

We have not stopped trying to re-open. We think doing so would be awesome for Colorado, Summit County, Arapahoe Basin, our guests and, especially, our employees. There has been some encouraging news about the possibility. Let's hope that we get positive news soon.

If we do get a chance to re-open, all of our guests need to have realistic expectations. This potential re-opening will be different from anything you have ever experienced at Arapahoe Basin. To stay open, we will need the help, support and cooperation of every single guest. We are all in this together. If we get the chance to re-open you can expect:

1.  Skier numbers will be limited. RESERVATIONS WILL BE REQUIRED. DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT A RESERVATION. We will sell a very small number of lift tickets. The vast majority of the available space will be for pass holders. Not everyone will get the chance to ski every day.

2.  Tailgating and social gatherings will be prohibited. We can party next season. The re-opening is all about giving people a chance to ski and ride.

3.  Physical distancing will be strictly enforced. You will be required to wear a face mask in the base area, in the lift line, in restrooms and other places.

Again, we are doing our best to get the chance to re-open. If we get the chance, we all need to conduct ourselves in a responsible way to continue to stay open.