Thursday, November 12, 2020

Voluntary Request - Season Pass Holders

We are looking good. We are open. We reported 4" new this morning (you know it skied more than that). We have another storm heading this way for the weekend. There are some unique things going on and I am expecting the next three days to be fairly busy. There are not many other ski areas open and there is a lot of pent up demand from last Spring's early closing and this Fall's delayed opening. We only have one chairlift open. Opening day excitement still abounds. And it is the weekend.

I am so happy that reservations are not required for A-Basin season pass holders. In my September 10th blog when I announced this policy, I did say there may be voluntary requests to avoid busy periods. I am making one of those requests. Over the next three days, could each of us ski a little less? Is it possible to move your ski day to a week day? If you were going to ski two days over the next three, could you ski just one? Could you ski in the afternoon, say after 1 PM, when there are far fewer people around?

Again, this is a voluntary request. We are going to get Lenawee Mountain Lift open as soon as we can. More ski areas will open soon to spread people around. Paring skier visits down a bit for the next three days will be really helpful. Thank you so much for considering this.