Monday, December 21, 2020

The Old Bullwheel

When it came to removing the original Pallavicini Double, we couldn't get rid of everything. We kept the old, top bullwheel. The Lift Maintenance team fabricated some legs and capped the spokes with expanded metal creating a fine deck. With a quick pick from the helicopter, we moved it to the very top of the Pali Knob. The site was already flat because it was the unload area from the Poma Lift that ran up Radical to the the Top of Pali 50+ years ago.

We hope this will be special for the A-Basin Faithful. It is a great vantage to soak in the view. It is spiritual for some. It is a place to to sit and catch your breath or gobble a snack. You can enjoy it winter or summer. It is a magnificent site to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise. It might become a shrine or an altar. It might be a great spot for an afternoon nap. Whatever it becomes, I hope you enjoy it.