Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Level Green At A-Basin

This has been a long time coming. The COVID metrics for Summit have finally dropped to Level Green. This is by far the biggest step to normalcy that we have taken. There are three key impact areas from this change.

-There are no COVID related capacity restrictions at the ski area.

-Masks are no longer required anywhere outside. If you are going to spend more than 15 minutes with someone closer than 6' who is not in your household, masks are still recommended.

-Mask are still required indoors unless you are seated and eating or drinking.

The last 14 months have tested everyone. I am so proud of the great work our team has done to keep the ski area going. Here are some funs things you can look forward to.

-Skiing and riding will be just like the good old days. There are no restrictions on lift riding and no mask required for skiing or riding.

-You will be able to make a Beach Reservation soon.

-You can hang out on the decks of BML or the 6th Alley with your friends.

Thanks for sticking with us.