Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Skinners, Wear Your Headlamps

Last night Kay and I skinned to the top. It got dark just above Black Mountain Lodge. It was snowing and cold and it felt like winter. It was fantastic. We love the uphill program.

Near the Steilhang Hut, I had an interesting encounter with another skinner that wasn't wearing a headlamp. Trying to be polite, I said, "the snowmakers and groomers really appreciate it when skinners wear a headlamp." He, also politely, said he was wearing reflective clothing and his headlamp was in his pocket and he didn't need to wear it. Now I don't think this guy was trying to deliberately blow off our guidelines to make the uphill program work. I just think he didn't understand that employees are out there working on the hill and it is really hard for them to see skinners that are not wearing headlamps. Also, no one should ever ski down without a light. This isn't the backcountry. There are machines, hoses, electric cords, ropes, dozed snow and all kinds of stuff that are only encountered in ski areas.

Anyway, please, please wear your headlamp going uphill and downhill when skinning at night. The Uphill Program is awesome. Please help us make it work.

Skiers in the bootpack during this morning's Rando Race.