Sunday, October 22, 2023


Check out these snowfences in Lenawee Parks. These, and the other fences you notice scattered about the mountain, are a critical and major part of our snow management strategy. As snow is blown by the wind across a slope, it may hit one of these fences. Those snow crystal are forced to rise above the fence, and on the leeward side of the fence, they encounter some calmer air and fall to the snow surface. This action creates snow drifts on the leeward side of the fences. Those drifts are available for riders to ski and/or snowcat drivers to compact and push. We place these fences in zones where we want to catch snow. A well placed fence can catch as much, or more, snow as a well placed fan gun can make snow.

Snow fencing, snowmaking, snow compacting, snow pushing, snow farming - these are all components in our snow management tool box to improve the skiing and riding.