Wednesday, February 14, 2024

A Few More Thoughts on Alterra

It has been nine days since we announced that Alterra intends to purchase Arapahoe Basin. A number of you have shared your thoughts, either via social media or with me directly. While many have shared positive thoughts about the change, others have expressed more negative feelings. I understand that people have anxiety. This is a big change and we have been through big change before.

There are a few points I would really like to emphasize. Until the deal closes, it is business as usual. The same group of employees are running the resort now and are staying at The Basin through the transition to continue running the resort. They are committed to offering the same great experiences you are used to. I know the folks at Alterra want The Basin to continue to thrive and be that magical place we all love.

For the last 46 years we have been owned by two very large publicly held companies. Through that we managed to maintain our special culture and vibe and we thrived. 

I am antsy to know all the answers to our questions. I know I have to be calm and patient. We all have to be calm and patient. Arapahoe Basin will continue be a wonderful place to spend your time. Remember, it is all about the mountain and the people that spend time here. Be patient. We will come out of this better than ever.