Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Storm

Another little storm appears to be rolling in. NOAA is predicting 2-4 inches this afternoon and tonight. When I was on the Summit about noon, I could see the clouds building to the West.  This afternoon some light snow is falling. With our snowfencing in place on and near the Summit, the storm could be a nice little aid to the Upper Mountain opening.


Anonymous said...

Great progress!

Anonymous said...

Lovin how Al mega-posted to bump the pot talk to the next page.


Listen, everybody likes to burn one now and then, but the straight addicts that think it is their birthright to light up and smoosh down the mtn...shit, get a life. It is called discretion. Try it sometime. Believe it or not it works.

Anonymous said...

Great pot reply! I have friends who work in the industry and they are concerned about the lack of regulation. They have families too.

Alienating the "I am Ok with it" with obnoxious behaviors is shooting oneself in the foot

Chris W. said...

Every little bit helps! The season is off to a pretty fast start already, I hope it keeps up.