Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Update

Another phenomenal night of snowmaking, actually bigger than the night before.  This has been a great run. As the temps rise this morning, we will likely shut down the system for the day.  This evening looks pretty good and then we are going to see warmer temperatures for a few days.  The last 50-60 hours were incredible.  Now the pace is going to slow a bit. 

A common question that I get is, "How many days of snowmaking does it take to get the place open."  Of course I give an Al type answer which is, "Well, it depends."  How much snow we make can vary so widely on conditions.  On a day like the last two days, we can make 3-5 times as much as we do on "warm day, cool night" type of fall day.  The colder the temperatures, the better the snowmaking.  Being able to run 24 hours a day really speeds things up.

So, when?  Let's wait and see.  This has been great.  We are close.  Let's hope the warmer weather doesn't last too long



Anonymous said...

I love your blog because you update it so much I check it about every two hours cause im jut watin for the basin to open

Anonymous said...

Hey Al! Do you guys plan to just open High Noon, or will Ramrod be open as well?

Anonymous said...

does that mean it opens tomarrow

Calob Rundell said...

Al, this blog is great. Between this and Joel's great information on Open Snow, I've learned a lot about weather and snowmaking.

Thanks for always being straightforward about opening (and closing) day. We'll keep waiting patiently, and checking your blog every day.

The 13-14 season is going to be AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Will A basin be part of the Epic mix so I can track my skiing at the basin ?

Anonymous said...

no epic mix at the basin please. keep track yourself or go to breck. prefer that you go to breck.