Saturday, October 5, 2013

High Noon Walking Tour

We are having an absolutely extraordinary snowmaking session.  The snowmakers just gave me a ride to mid-mountain and I walked High Noon.  WOW.  OK, here is the status:

-I don't know when we are going to open yet.
-We have made more than 50% of the snow we need to open.
-We hope to make snow all day Saturday.  (Please cooperate Mother Nature)
-Saturday and Sunday nights look good for snowmaking.
-The forecast is for rising temps Monday night.
-While not yet ready to open, we are in a great place.
-Stay tuned and enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

im saying open on saturday so i dont have to go to loveland i need to get some steeez back2s and front 2s already u kno what i mean al make sure theres some good features out make extra effort this year for me sincerely the dude who checks the website every hour for opening day STATUS!

Anonymous said...

Great Place!! I used to work there until I rolled my car down the moutianside!! I really miss that place!! Ha e a Great Season!! Hope I can beg out there this winter!! :-)

Anonymous said...

THIS IS A GREAT PLACE!! :-) I used to work there and at Keystone!! LOVE THE 'CO' ROCKIES!! HAVE A GREAT SEASON!! :-)