Sunday, November 16, 2014

BML Dinner Reminder

This is a quick reminder on the BML dinners. "A Night in Bavaria" is sold out. Bookings for the other dinners are filling quickly.February's "Night in Spain" is about 92% full and April's "Night in Italy" is 71% full. If interested, please book soon.


Peter. Silverthorne/Houston said...

Yaaay. "The Web Cam at Snow Plume Refuge" is clean again... Great work. Now can stare at the top of Norway all the work day long. Only the ZumaCam to clean and we're good 'till the next storm

Anonymous said...

Hi Al,
I have a question regarding your base depth. How is your base still 18" (what it says on the website) after a 3+ ft blanketing? I have been looking at other areas base's that have been showing more like 24" to 27" of hard park. Just curious because I know that opening terrain the "natural" way requires a much deeper base than 18".
Love your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, Al posted an entry last week that explained all of this regarding base depths...scroll down and you'll find it. It's very informative!