Friday, November 14, 2014

Uphill Access Open During Non-Operational Hours

I know that many of you have been longing for this. Uphill Access is now open during non-operational hours. Skinning, snowshoeing, and hiking uphill are fun and healthy activities. I am a regular participant. Particularly with early season conditions, please keep these thoughts in mind:

-Uphill users need to get a FREE Uphill Access Pass at the Season Pass Office
-There is a limited amount of terrain available
-Be cognizant that ropes, bamboo, hoses, power cords and other manmade objects can and will be encountered
-STAY AWAY from snowmobiles, snowcats, and snowmaking equipment
-Ski in a way that you can avoid all objects below you. For some of you that means, SLOW DOWN.
-Closures for avalanche work or other issues can happen at any time, please check the Runs Open page of the website for the latest information.

Most of all, have fun and PLEASE BE CAREFUL.


Jefe' said...

Are we going to see Cornice/WestWall this weekend?

Jefe' said...

Hey Al. Thanks for the updates. Any word on Lenawee parks, Wrangler and Cornice run/Westwall being up-and-running this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Jefe, read Al's post from wednesday, november 12, 2014, as it details progression of more terrain being opened.

Anonymous said...

whats your policy on pets and also ADA service animals for uphill access?

Zeke said...

Great blog Alan! Can't wait to get on the hill.

Anonymous said...

Hey Al, how early on Sunday morning can I pick up a pass and start skinning up?

Anonymous said...

I have an uphill access pass from last season, do I need to get a new one for this season?

Ben Calvin said...

What a great vibe A Basin has.