Friday, November 28, 2014

Marching To The North And West

We continue the march to the North and the West. Lenawee Parks is where we want it. The Cornice Run is in beautiful shape. West Wall is skiing up nicely. Today the public started skiing up Slalom Slope and surrounding trails (it was incredible). A little storm is shaping up for Sunday and possibly a second wave mid-week. We will keep moving around the corner towards Standard, 13 Cornice and eventually Pallavicini Trail. Sometime in the not too distant future, you will be riding Pali Lift.


Anonymous said...

Slalom slope was killer today. Thank you ski patrol for all of your hard work and careful snowpack planning!

Anonymous said...


Accessing Slalom Slope from Lenawee got me thinking about the lift history at A-Basin. I started skiing in 1977 before Pali and when there were 3 chairs where BMX is now. I did not actually ski A-Basin until 1978 after the new lifts were put in ($1 days). I ran across some old trail maps that are pretty interesting -

I think the most recent one is probably 1977. Thought I would share.