Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Am Calling It 3 Feet

With 11" of new snow this morning, that gives us 35" since Monday. I am just going to call that 3 feet for the week. The natural base is up to 19". We have a few days of mostly sunshine and cold temps coming our way. That base should settle out a little bit. We will be poking around and getting a few more spots open. We even did a little public skiing in Lenawee Parks yesterday afternoon. It looks like there is some more unsettled weather towards the end of the week. We are in a very good place.


Anonymous said...


I'm very disappointed in A-Basin for lying about today's mountain status.

The "Conditions" tagline on the top of the website says "P" for powder. The banner on the front page says 11" POWDER DAY.

I get to the mountain this morning (was 4th or 5th chair up) and find that every last speck of fresh snow was groomed out. The ropes for every run on the mountain were at least 5 feet inwards from the edge of the cat tracks, effectively roping off all fresh snow. No ride-able powder anywhere.

I came to the basin expecting the runs to be groomed down the middle with good sized sections of un-groomed powder on the sides. As the "local's" mountain, I don't think this was an unfair assumption for me to make.

Either way, throwing up an 11 INCH POWDER DAY banner on the site is pretty shameful when there isn't a single speck of ride-able powder anywhere on the mountain.

Anonymous said...

All the snow fell during the day yesterday so unless they opened more terrain, which wasn't expected, groomers was what you were going to ride.

A-Basin doesn't have a time lapse snow camera but you can always look at the cameras at Loveland or Keystone to see what happened in the last 24 hours.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

I am very sorry you feel that way. This was an incredible week of snow. Our morning report measures snow over 24 hours from 5 AM to 5 AM. Yesterday the majority of the snow did fall during the day. We reported 3" of new snow and it skied like 8-12" all day. Mother Nature rolls that way. Sometimes she snow during the day, sometimes at night. I had a great time both yesterday and today. No one is lying.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the same boat as the first poster, but have since learned to check Snotel's or at least Loveland Ski Area's cam to find out when the snow really fell.

Perhaps A-Basin should consider posting an "Overnight", "New Snow", or "12 Hour" 5 pm - 5 am snow total.

Most Utah resorts post overnight or 12 hour snow totals (Alta, Solitude, Snowbird, etc.)

Widely advertising 24-hour snow totals isn't "lying" but it can be very misleading and turn off customers who don't have time to sort through ski cams, Snotels, etc.

Anonymous said...

So, bannering the front page of the website with 11" POWDER DAY isn't lying?

POWDER DAY, at least in my 20 years of skiing, meant riding powder. Not, "There was powder yesterday, but we groomed it all out today."

The only reason I came to a basin today was I figured "powder conditions" meant id be able to ride some, somewhere. It snowed approx. 6" at Keystone down the street after 4pm, so not all of it fell yesterday during operating hours. I know it is early season, I know only one collective run is open, but I've been to the basin early season before where 11" POWDER DAY meant you could ride it, somewhere. Even Keystone opened extra terrain today to let people hit the pow and pack the snow..and they are terrain nazis over there.

Just disappointed overall with what I'd consider my "home" mountain that I've been coming to for years.

Anonymous said...

I just want to clarify one thing. I know the 11" is the 24 hour total since yesterday 5am. I know it was snowing heavily after the lifts closed yesterday, so I was expecting SOME un-groomed terrain to enjoy. When I saw the 11" POWDER DAY banner, I took that to mean (it snowed 11" since yesterday and you can ride it is a powder day!). Obviously I was totally wrong.

That is the last of my bitching, I still got to enjoy a day of skiing, I just wish I had gone somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Its early season riding on 1 full trail, any "powder" is tracked out in 10 min., and then that 11" if not groomed would have turned to moguls and ice. I'm a powder hound and prefer ripping smooth soft groomed snow rather than what that snow would have turned in to within 1 run. Be thankful for skiing this early and having an awesome COO and VP who keeps everyone in the loop and quit your bitching.

Anonymous said...

Wow...upset about an 11" report. Quit skiing then

Anonymous said...

If you actually stayed there they opened Lanawe Park for pure pow riding. The run under Norway lift had guided pow skiing too. Great early seaon stuff. If you expect mid winter conditions you're going to have 2 months! Please move if you cannot handle it.

Anonymous said...

There was some power up top when they opened the new run. Right of Lenewe. It was great for a few hours, then it was just too windy.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Al or The Legend for your disappointment. Blame yourself for being too lazy to not hike or skin to get your powder. If you want untouched, wide open, deep, face-shot-every-turn powder, just go to the backcountry. What are you doing at A-Basin complaining about not enough powder in Mid-November with only 4 trails open? Seriously?

A-Basin is fun no matter what. If you can't have fun at The Legend, then please, take your negative attitude and energy to Breck and Vail where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Come on man. Take a look at the calendar. You should know what you are going to get with the limited terrain available. Do you expect A-Basin to put an asterisk on their pre-set graphics for early season conditions? You are responsible (great sign by the way Al - well put!) for some independent judgement this time of year.

Derek Gamburg said...

Backcountry was epic! Guess lift lines! Go back to Denver

C.B. Jim said...

The skiing was FANTASTIC !!!! LOVE
A-Basin....Thank you Al and your crew for all you do...We ski from
0ctober to June (sometimes July )
What a SKI AREA !!!!! Criticism for this weekend ????? oh my hoo... A-BASIN ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turbos mom said...

Right now you have some of the best early season conditions in my 32 years skiing the "Ledge".
As for some of the negative Nancy's posts above, well we all know some folks are never happy !
Thanks TM