Monday, October 10, 2016

So Close

I know that for much of the summer, many of you were thinking, A-Basin will never get this construction done. No doubt, we have been on a tight schedule, but we are very, very close to being done. All the concrete work is done. We have one more day of paving tomorrow. All the windows and doors are installed. The exterior finish is substantially complete. We should see lots of new stairs and railing up soon. Despite the piles of construction materials, the project is starting to look pretty darn good.


CJ Coccia said...

Regardless of opening day, will 6th alley be open this weekend??

Anonymous said...

Al, that looks amazing. So, is the main dirt/gravel parking lot now going to be paved? What is the new building going to be used for?


Alan Henceroth - COO said...

We paved the Admin Lot (pay parking, shuttle drop off and skier drop off). We have no plans to pave the bigger lots at this time. The addition / remodel in the A-Frame is for Arapahoe Sports, our retail store.

Patrick Chandler said...

Drove by today, looks good!