Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Guardians

The goats are keeping an eye on conditions. We had another good night of snowmaking topped off with 3-4 inches of natural snow. Tonight looks very good for snowmaking.


MyUserNameIsNotUnique said...


Bob said...

26 degrees over the hill at LV at 9 am, but you're not blowing snow ?

Bo-ski said...

Wooly cool!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have a list of historical opening and closing dates?

I know wikipedia has all of the Zuma bowl opening/closing dates, however that is easier cause we just tracked it from your blog.

I know the last few years opening day has typically been on a Friday.

If you post the opening/closing dates here, I will update Wikipedia.

Trey Sauer said...


HeartBraden said...

Any idea when that continental divide cam is gonna be back up and running?

Anonymous said...

why are the snow blowers off now isn't it cold enough?

Bobby Cyr said...

People are quick to be impatient. They already said they're not opening this week, if they don't want/need to blow snow they don't have to. Simple as that. Just wait like the rest of us. Most of you are flocking straight to keystone and a basin as soon as they open anyways.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when there is a Nate Dogggg sighting so I can get in line for my mug.

Bobby Cyr said...

Flocking to keystone and Breckinridge. Typos out of sadness.

bluegopher said...

Anonymous asked earlier for the list of opening dates. Here they are, courtesy of COsouthpaw on Sep 24 on this blog.

Arapahoe Basin Openings
10/29/15 Thursday
10/17/14 Friday
10/13/13 Sunday
10/17/12 Wednesday
10/13/11 Thursday
10/25/10 Monday
10/9/09 Friday (Earliest)
10/15/08 Wednesday
10/10/07 Wednesday
10/13/06 Friday

10/30/03 Thursday (Latest, snow-making era)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blue Gopher. Wikipedia updates.. 2004 was 10/22/2004.

Just missing 2005. I emailed abasin. Would be great to have 70 years of history!

Alan Henceroth - COO said...

October 23, 2005