Friday, October 7, 2016

Uphill Access Closed

With all the fun, exciting news about snowmaking, it bums me out a little to have to spread some bad news. Uphill access is now closed. In the coming weeks, we have a tremendous amount snowmaking equipment and other equipment out on the hill. We will re-open uphill access once we have enough terrain open to spread people around and get the equipment out of the way.

Thanks for your patience on this. Like many of you, I am excited to get my skins out and start the after work ritual (before work for most of you). Uphill access typically re-opens sometime in November.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it pretty much once the upper mountain opens that uphill access opens back up??

Anonymous said...

This is funny. It would seem somebody actually showed up Oct. 6th to prompt this post. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Any idea when you will open for regular season? End of October or beginning of November?

tad Stalm said...

Middle of October

Anonymous said...

My guess this coming Friday October 14th

Anonymous said...

My guess Friday October 14th.

COsouthpaw said...

Arapahoe Basin Openings
10/29/15 Thursday
10/17/14 Friday
10/13/13 Sunday
10/17/12 Wednesday
10/13/11 Thursday
10/25/10 Monday
10/9/09 Friday (Earliest)
10/15/08 Wednesday
10/10/07 Wednesday
10/13/06 Friday

10/30/03 Thursday (Latest, snow-making era)