Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Montezuma Bowl Opens Saturday

Montezuma Bowl will open this Saturday, December 18. The Cat Drivers have done their magic. It looks like 2 or 3 inches of snow has fallen today with 2-4" more forecast for the evening. We are looking at a very good opening. Primarily the Eastern half of the bowl will open Saturday. For groomers the cats have tilled all or parts of Columbine, Larkspur, Ned's Cache, Independence, and Shining Light. For some trees skiing try Miner's Glade or Eureka. If you really like adventure, you will be able to enjoy "The Fourteeners" (Grays, Torreys, and Bierstadt).
The next trails to open include Black Bear, Long Chute, and "MGD" (Max Groswold, and Durrance). With snowflakes in the forecast every day this week those openings may happen quickly. I know the patrollers are doing everything they can to get the next trails ready.

I am excited. This will be Zuma's fourth and earliest opening. I need you guys to get up here and ski out all those lines for me. See you Saturday.
You can tell this photo is from Casey Day. My pictures often have the camera's wrist strap in the way.