Saturday, August 22, 2015

Crazy People in Breck

Kay and I rode our bikes over to Moonstone in Breckenridge to watch that very steep climb of the bike race. The people at the dance party were crazy (and really fun). We connected with Patio and "Bumpy" and the "Iowa Gang." I took another very entertaining (and some might say inappropriate) photo of the party scene. Both Kay and "Bumpy" advised me not to post it. If "Bumpy" says don't post it, I better not post it.  The racers were even having fun. Of course, the contenders were roaring up the hill. Some of the guys towards the back enjoyed the spectator show. A few added to the entertainment riding wheelies up that wicked, steep road. If you like costumes and music and crazy, fun people and super intense bike racing, Moonstone is the place to be.