Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Request For Volunteers

The bike race is one day closer. On race day, there will be more 1,000 people here working the event. That includes riders, team crew, journalists, event specialists, roadies, police officers, medics, doctors, course marshals, cooks, cashiers, bartenders, equipment operators, parking attendants, musicians etc., etc., etc. While the majority of those people come from other organizations, A-Basin will have nearly 400 employees and volunteers working the event. We have plenty of employees. It looks like we may be short 2 or 3 dozen volunteers. So, that said, there is still time to sign up to volunteer. If interested, sign up on the "Volunteer" page at www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com. Not only will you get to pitch in on this groovy event, you will get all kinds of goodies. You will receive an A-Basin T-Shirt and a free A-Basin lift ticket for each 4-hour shift you work. You can't beat that. 

Steamboat to A-Basin

115 Miles

3 Major Climbs

Wicked Fun