Monday, May 9, 2016

June 5 or Longer

We will be open for skiing and riding until at least June 5. If you are new to tracking the ins and outs of A-Basin Spring skiing, the recent trail closures may be alarming. Don't fret, this is normal for this time of year. There is still plenty of good off piste skiing to be found. As we stay open later and later into Spring (or Summer), there is shift of skiing into the heavily traveled areas especially the groomed terrain. Typically, the more that snow on a trail is packed, the longer that trail stays good for skiing.

Each year we plan on staying open until at least the first Sunday in June. We have done so 33 of the last 35 seasons. We are easily on track to be open until that target. Beyond that, we will wait and see what Mother Nature brings us. If the skiing is still good and people are still out there enjoying the snow, we will be open. If we do have an extended season, we will be open three days a week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We reported 4" of new snow today. The first half of this week has more unsettled weather and then it looks like we are going to slide into some sunny, warm days.

So back to the beginning, no need to fret or be alarmed. We have plenty of great skiing, beautiful days, outdoor concerts, pond skimming, BBQ, goofy costumes and generally good natured mountain fun to go.