Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1 Powder Skiing and Hiking

We had another beautiful Sunday hiking the Upper East Wall and skiing powder. It is May 1 and these were some of the best runs of the season. Specifically, we hiked the North Pole ridge and skied West Vertical Cornice and hiked the Willy's Wide Staircase and skied Corner Chute. Enjoy these pictures. They tell a great story.

Top of Corner Chute, 13,000+ feet

Tracks in Corner Chute

Almost to Corner Chute. That is the Snorkel Door and Little Lenawee Peak in the top center of the photo.

The Snorkel Door

 The Willy's Wide Staircase above Borgy Rock

 More Willy's hiking

Coming out of West Vertical Cornice Chute

More West Vert

Looking Down West Vertical Cornice

Enjoying the top of Little Lenawee Peak