Friday, August 25, 2017

Heli Logging

The heli-logging has begun. The loggers have been working on Loafer, Davis, the Hike Back and the Lift Line. We are trying to have as small of an impact on the ground as we can. Accessing these areas with vehicles is extremely difficult and, since we did not build any roads, can really tear the ground up. So to minimize those impacts, the loggers put the trees on the ground, the helicopter is picking them up and flying them to the base area. It is an expensive, but very effective process with the smallest impacts. Once the logs are removed, we will flush cut the stumps and, either scatter the slash or pile and burn it. As needed, spots will be re-seeded with native vegetation.

It is an exciting show to watch and will be going on for a while. Sitting on the 6th Alley deck and checking it out could be a good weekend activity.