Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Logging Questions

I had some good questions about environmental impacts. When we decide to do a project, there are impacts. We search for ways to minimize those impacts while still meeting our major objective of creating an incredible place for people to ski. 

We could have proposed 10 major trails. Instead we proposed a couple of modest trails and some good glade skiing. We are removing trees, but we are removing far fewer trees than if we had done a conventional ski trail design.

We could have put many machines on the ground (and tearing up the ground) for several months removing the logs. Instead we had loggers go in on foot and drop the trees and we are using a helicopter for about three weeks to remove the logs. Yes, the helicopter uses fuel, but way less fuel than covering the ground with machines.

We could have left the logs on the ground, but that would have been very messy and the skiing would not be so good.

So.....we are going to create opportunities for great experiences. Yes there are impacts, but we are making them as small as we reasonably can.

Chipping in Progress