Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Davis Grading

We have now completed our grading on Davis. This trail starts at the West Wall Saddle. It is easily accessible from either the Top of Pali or The Summit. The upper portion of Davis is a graded cat walk. The trail will provide access to some tremendous tree skiing in Face Shot Gully, Thick and Thin, Bailey Brothers and all the terrain in between. There are some good lines above Davis (far skiers' right of Ptarmagin) that will be impacted by the cat walk, but with the exceptional tree work our saw crew has done below, we have, overall, really, really enhanced the skiing. Skiers can come off the Summit, ski the far right side of Ptarmagin, negotiate the Davis crossing and have a ripping run through the glades below. If you have the legs and lungs, this will be a sweet, 1,500 vertical foot, non-stop ski to the bottom of The Beavers Lift (2018-19 season).

The trail crew has done some really fine work re-vegging this grading. Our excavation contractor made the cat walk as small as possible. The staff saved a lot of the original tundra sod and replanted it. Native seed was spread across bare soil and re-veg mats were installed. The mats provide shade for seedling and allow moisture to stay in place. They also slow water and minimize erosion. The mats are quite visible now, but over a year or two, the plants regrow and the mats degrade naturally.