Thursday, September 7, 2017

Top O' Pali Grading

Our Summer Projects have also included some grading near the top of Pallavicini Lift. We achieved two objectives. One, we widened the unload area a bit to the South. As people like to gather and talk and catch up, space for milling around has always been in short supply there.  Yes, a few people like to chit chat up there. Now there is more room for people to spread out.

The second component is that we graded a cat track from the top of Pali to the top of The Nose. In the past we have always made this snow road out of, well, snow. As a result, some years it took weeks or months to get established. Now with just a little bit of snow, skiers and riders will have very easy access to The Nose, West Wall and Davis trail in The Beavers.