Tuesday, December 26, 2017

3 Feet In Montezuma Bowl

Mother Nature was very kind with this last storm, 35 inches in 5 days. I call that 3 feet. This storm puts us in a good place for Montezuma Bowl. Today I took a tour skiing Columbine and Shining Light and riding the lift out. The snow fences are completely buried. Very good news. The only bad news was that there were a few spots where the wind was not super kind. Overall though, quite good.

The Ski Patrol did extensive avalanche work in West Zuma today. Tomorrow, we will send a snowcat, the Winter Trail Crew and a small army of blue coats to start moving and re-setting all those snowfences. Opening Montezuma Bowl is very much a task of connecting the dots of snow with a snowcat assist and snowfences. We need to patch those wind affected areas. Getting Zuma Lift open is a major priority.

While I won't even dare to project an opening date yet, this is a good and major step.