Friday, December 29, 2017

Touring Loafer and Alex and Lower Davis

I went for a very nice tour out in The Beavers this afternoon. Upper Loafer was in excellent shape with one tricky break-over we need to cover just past Beaver Bowl. Alex was just WOW. That was the first time I had skied it with good snow cover since all of last summer's fantastic trail work. Great glade skiing with ideally spaced trees. You will love this one. We finished the tour off with a ski down Lower Alex, a traverse on the Grand Portage and a nice skin up the The Steep Gullies Hike Back Trail.

In an earlier post, I mentioned getting this terrain open will be a little tricky in its first season. We are in that tricky window right now. The Beavers is just about ready to open (much of it is ready). We are still working on the exit route across the Grand Portage and up the Hike Back Trail. The Steep Gullies still have a ways to go, but I anticipate some public Beavers skiing associated with the next decent snowfall. We have some serious fun coming our way.