Sunday, October 28, 2018

Chairlift Spinning

The new carriers are heading down the line. The crew has been placing chairs on the lift all day long.

We did want the chairlift to be completed by mid-October. It will more likely be completed by the end of the first week of November. So it is about 2-3 weeks behind the desired completion date.

Through The Beavers planning process, we thought the lift would open about the same time as Pali Lift or maybe 1-2 storms after Pali Lift opened. That said, on an average year, we hope the lift will be open between mid-December and Xmas. If we get the lift completed by November 7, that gives us plenty of time to reach our projected opening.

Now we have had some nice surprises, particularly on Loafer. Our snowfences have caught a tremendous amount of snow. The trail work, especially that done by the spider hoe and masticator, has come out much smoother than we expected. Over the next couple of months we will actually get this lift open and really find out how close our opening projections were.